“The FY15 Lew Frankfort Award Winners Announced”

In the award’s inaugural year, 64 Coach team members received news that they are being honored with a Lew Frankfort Award. We asked Coach Leaders to make nominations and the winners were selected for championing and embodying one or more Coach values and/or demonstrating an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

To recognize our winners, celebrations are happening in each region—the first of which was a ceremony and luncheon for New York and Jacksonville based winners.

At the event, Victor Luis, members of Coach leadership, and of course, our special guest Lew Frankfort celebrated as leaders shared stories of the commended and unique contributions of each winner. Victor and Lew both expressed how much the award and occasion means to them. And, wrapping up the ceremony, Lew reminded award recipients, “We have a very special group of people at Coach. Your individual and collective contributions are amazing.”

Later this year we will recognize winners in Asia and Europe at special events. 

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