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  • every stitch counts

    Coach was founded with a humble team of just six artisans and a vision: to make a new impression on leather using time-honored techniques passed from one generation to the next. Seventy-five years later, the impeccable standards of quality set by our original craftsmen can be seen in everything we make.

Quality craftsmanship requires patience and precision. Even the simplest Coach bag requires more than 100 steps to assemble; a complex silhouette can take a day and a half to complete.
Our reputation was built on attention to detail. We edge-paint every exposed piece of Coach leather for a neat artisanal finish, and still work all of our leather goods by hand.
We also test every component of our products for durability, strength and wear, including our custom-made hardware. Completed products are then rigorously tested some more.
The iconic Storypatch we place in every bag is more than a badge of authenticity. It’s our guarantee of quality and craftsmanship, and our promise to stand behind every product that bears our name.