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Dream It Real is our
promise to support
the next generation as
they envision and create
the future they know
is possible.


About Coach Foundation

Doing our small part
To make big dreams possible

Coach Foundation partners with nonprofits that work with young people at the grassroots level, providing resources, coaching and support to unlock their potential.

Since 2008, we’ve given more than
$45 million to nonprofit partners all over the world to do our small part to make big dreams possible.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Dream It Real is joined by global faces of Coach Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan, who both embody the initiative’s values of possibility, optimism and inclusivity—and understand firsthand the importance of believing in dreams.

coach foundation ambassdors


Meet Our Partner

Coach Foundation is working with The Future Project, a national nonprofit organization that makes it possible for young people to discover their power and learn to build a better future. As part of the program, students work with Dream Directors to create passion-based Future Projects that bring their dreams for self, school or society to life. Coach Foundation’s partnership with The Future Project will support the work of Dream Directors in schools across the nation.

Learn more here.

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